Home Staging by L.B. Schmidt Creative Services


"...coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

We were fortunate to hear about the home staging services of Lynda B. Schmidt just in time. Lynda was able to meet our tight timelines and to transform our almost empty house into a warm, inviting home using tasteful decor. She brought in furniture and all the accessories which complemented the colours of our freshly painted walls and existing kitchen and bathroom fixtures. She was able to incorporate an existing dining room set which saved us the time and expense of removing it prior to putting our house on the market. We feel Lynda’s creativity and style added the special touches that our home needed to attract potential buyers in a competitive market. The suggestions and advice she gave in how to maximize the potential of each room in our home was greatly appreciated and facilitated the selling of our home within 6 weeks. We highly recommend her competent services to assist anyone who is considering the sale of their home.

Merrill and Mabel Hunsberger – Waterloo

I would like to share my experience as a regular client of LYNDA SCHMIDT in her staging services.

Lynda’s work as stager has always been outstanding. I remember a listing that I had for three months with no offers. Once Lynda came in and advised us as to how to prepare the home, the first person that came along following Lynda’s instructions and changes bought the house, very close to our list price.

In another listing, where Lynda provided us with her expertise, we got a total of 12 offers and the house sold for 110% of the list price (market value) thanks to the effect created by Lynda’s work.

Besides her professionalism and great talent, Lynda always shows a real commitment to help our clients. Sometimes, she helps clients move the furniture to show examples while doing the consultation, and not only that, she follows up after the work is done, ensuring the best staging possible has been achieved and helps “fine tuning” any of the details.

For the reasons mentioned above, and for being such a nice person, I have no hesitation in recommending Lynda to anyone who is looking for the best staging advice. She is simply the best in what she does.


Humberto Gomez
Real Estate Sales Representative
Keller Williams Golden Triangle Realty

Right from the start, Lynda Schmidt from L.B. Schmidt Creative Services impressed us with her efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for. We needed an effective solution to our home staging issue for a quick sale in a short period of time. By partnering with Lynda we were able to minimize the time our house was on the market and realize a good sale after only 17 days of promotion.

Because of Lynda’s extensive interior design experience and local knowledge of the real estate industry Lynda was able to provide us with the best in class staging and consultation service. From her trendy décor, to her helpful, knowledge of staging a property to sell quickly, our experience with L.B. Schmidt Creative Services confirms to us that we partnered with an excellent expertise in home staging.

Debi & Drew Hamilton - Kitchener

I called on L.B.SCHMIDT – CREATIVE SERVICES because Lynda had previously helped me with home staging of other property’s.

This time around, I had a "tired" investment property that needed sprucing up. From her consultation she gave me a healthy to-do list for every component of the house (inside and out) right down to the exact colour of paint that she was recommending and which trees to prune. After that, it was just a matter of execution. She agreed to come back after it was all done. She gave my tenants guidance on how to clean-up and prepare to "show" the house.

Three days after putting the house on the market, an acceptable offer was received.

Lynda helped paint the vision and provided me with wonderful support throughout this "makeover". I would (and have) recommended her to other friends interested in selling their house because she knows what buyers are looking for and what helps to sell properties.

Greg Kay

Our home sold well over the asking price with multiple offers (5 offers!) - all due to Lynda's professional touches.

Not only does Lynda know just what needs to be done, she does so with gentle, room by room suggestions, packaged neatly into a booklet that you can implement or, utilize her assistance.

While we had already de-cluttered, our home needed extra splashes of colour, minor touch-ups and the extra finesse of staging tips that Lynda provides. I truly believe that Lynda's skills brought our home from "I like it" to "I need it" in the buyers' eyes. Lynda's talents are an investment you can't afford not to use!

Best regards and thank you again,

D. Hughes

Just to thank you for your work on this house. It SOLD in a day!

Good job!

Ivan Pecarski
Sales Representative
Re/Max Twin City Realty Inc. Brokerage* - Waterloo

My husband and I were thrilled to have the expertise and skill of Lynda when we decided very quickly to put our house on the market. Lynda was able to envision the few areas that needed to be painted, de-cluttered and/or rearranged . She did this with flair, impeccable taste and gentle suggestions. Her premise that the prospective buyers would need to see the property as their own, was well executed. Our home was promptly transformed into a model home with minimal expense, and sold in five days. We highly recommend Lynda's services which reduced our stress at a very busy time.

Linda and Phil Werstine

Kitchener -Waterloo

Lynda Schmidt is a talented and effective stylist. I recently listed a 2500 square foot condo, which was lovely but needed some distinction. After calling upon Lynda to stage the space, we received an offer within the week. Lynda’s creative style and polished eye allowed my buyers to picture themselves in this property, and ultimately to buy it. The effects of defining the space exceeded mine and my clients’ expectation. I won’t hesitate to call upon Lynda for her service in the future. Thanks for all your hard work Lynda!

Lori Teskey

Sales Representative

RE/MAX Solid Gold

Hello Lynda,

I just wanted to let you know the SOLD sign is going up on 189 Carter!

We had the property listed for 2 months with no offers before having you consult. We put $3000 into it along with all of your hard work and wonderful suggestions and after only 9 days of relisting sold FIRM. Thank you so much for your guidance and suggestions to make sure the seller was putting the money into the right updates. The furniture you rented us and all the little items you added to the home were key to helping buyers see the potential in the home and it went from being a student rental to a family home.

Thanks you so much!

Krista Jonker

Sales Representative

Re/Max Twin City Realty Inc.



Hi Lynda,

Just wanted to let you know that Christine Cr. and Prosperity have both sold quickly. Christine Cr. had multiple offers and sold firm after 4 days on the market. Prosperity Dr. also sold the first week on the market.

Thanks for your assistance with these 2 listings. Your finishing touches and suggestions made the difference in getting the homes SOLD in the first week on the market.


Revie Walman

Sales Rep.

Re/Max Twin City Realty Inc.

Our agent sent over the professional photos of our house for MLS and I'm blown away. I can't help but credit you for these. You helped bring out the best of the house and our furniture and all of your recommendations were bang on! The few things that I see in the photos that bother me, are the very things you recommended to address that I just didn't get to squeeze in before the photos were taken.

And on top of it we have an offer before it has even gone public.

Thank you so much.

Julie Cairns —Waterloo

Our house had been on the market for 8 months. No offers, no interest. We were so frustrated. We took the house off the market for a few months and planned to put it back on in the spring. I was not looking forward to another 8 months of open houses and keeping the house spotless. That is when we contacted Lynda Schmidt to stage our house. It was such a pleasant experience from the first consultation with Lynda to her final visit once the house was sold. It was the best decision we ever made. In less than two months the house was sold. Lynda's suggestions and added touches turned our house into a beautiful model home. The transformation was amazing. I actually asked myself why are we selling. My house is gorgeous. All it took was a little work on my end getting rid of some clutter, painting a bathroom and Lynda's wonderful talents of staging. Lynda did all the hard work. She went from room to room making a list of suggestions. She made my job easy. I knew exactly what I needed to do. It was definitely worth it. Once Lynda's handy work was done the real-estate agent suggested that we increase the asking price by $10,000.00. Lynda was very professional and she has an exquisite gift for staging. It was a pleasure having her in our home. Our next move will definitely start with contacting Lynda Schmidt - Creative Service & Home Staging.

Cheryl and Rick Kress - Wellesley, Ontario

Before meeting with Lynda, we were very nervous about the changes that would be required to our house in order to get it ready to sell. We had a lot of clutter, and some bright colours on the walls. When Lynda came in she took over 2 hours to walk through the entire house and give us a list of things to complete to maximize the value of our home. The list of changes was not intimidating, and after making the majority of the suggested changes, we felt like we were in an entirely new house! The paint colours chosen looked amazing and made everything feel more spacious.

When we put the house on the market, we have 9 groups through the very first day, and we had an offer after 2 days.

Thank you Lynda for your help. Our house would not have sold so quickly without your suggestions.

Kim Auch — Kitchener

Our house sold for more than we expected in less than 48 hours. Before Lynda came in the walls were a mess and there were many minor repairs that had been neglected. We followed most of the suggestions Lynda made regarding repairs and painting and had her back to provide artwork for staging a few days before we listed it with our agent Jamie Kubassek - www.jamiesells.com The end result was amazing! We couldn't believe it was our old house. Lynda worked quickly and made excellent suggestions. She was very friendly and easy to work with. In the end the money we spent on painting the whole house and her consultations was more than 2x recovered in the selling price. We set a new record for our street by a wide margin! To top it all off we had Lynda to our new house to pick colours and get decorating ideas and we're thrilled with the results "at home" as well!

Cam and Tanya – Waterloo

Lynda Schmidt of L.B. Schmidt - Creative Services and Home Staging provided home staging for the sale of my home. In all situations she was professional, organized and was able to take charge. Her warm personal mannerism helped me to relax, listen and understand the value, and goal of what I needed to achieve. Lynda was positive and encouraging when required.

Almost all of her recommendations were put into place. My home was transformed into an environment which was spacious and liveable (purging the clutter actually helped me feel better about life!)

After only 31 days on the market (private sale) during the winter months we received an offer to purchase on our home. Our buyer loved the colours, decorating, space, and layout (we loved being able to show our home with minimal effort) .

I am extremely grateful for the small investment I made towards hiring Lynda to assist in home staging. With this knowledgeable market and all of the "home" advertising - I would highly recommend Lynda Schmidt of Creative Services and Home Staging. You will learn more than you anticipate, and enjoy the fruit of your labour in many more ways than you can imagine!


Shelley McWhirter – New Hamburg

It has been such a plesure working with Lynda in staging my client’s homes. She is extremely professional and experienced in her work. Her ability to transform a home is amazing.

We have had a great track record working together; I started using Lynda’s services about 2 years ago. Before Lynda I was not a believer of staging, I thought that at the right price a house would sell itself. But after trying Lynda’s staging services, I am a firm believer in having all of my client’s home staged and prepared by Lynda before a sale. This year ( January –March) so far we have worked on 6 listings together, all sold within 48 hours if not sooner; some went for full asking, and the others went multi offer. The quickest sale was 4 offers in 6 hours.

Our clients were all very pleased with Lynda’s professionalism, creativity and imagination for each of their homes. She is also great at working within their budgets and using the items within their home. I always recommend Lynda’s services to my clients during my listing presentation, and would highly recommend all real estate agents to give Lynda a try. You will be hooked!

Vongdeuane Vong
Remax Twin City Realty Inc.
Sales Representative

My home sold in 2 days. Without Lynda's help and encouragement this would not have taken place. Lynda's staging is what sold my home. Lynda is easy to work with. She really cares about you on a personal level and is respectful in every way. My home was stunning. I had multiple offers right away. Lynda adds a personal touch . I am thinking of asking for her help in my new home. Lynda is the best at what she does and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Debbie Curtis-Sadler - Kitchener

When we were getting ready to sell our house, our realtor arranged to our house staged by Lynda. The process involved a 1hr consultancy, followed by 2hrs of staging by Lynda and her team the next day. Watching Lynda work was a pleasure. She worked with the furniture and things we had, brought in a few props to help showcase each room, and rearranged things in a creative and pleasing manner that we would never have thought off ourselves. We've learnt a great deal from her from that process alone.

When the listing and pictures of my house went up the next day, we had 9 showings between 1-8pm. Out of those 9 showings, we had 4 offers, 3 of which were at our asking price or higher. By 11pm that same day, 12hrs when the listing first came out, our house was sold!!!!

Thank you very much Lynda!!

S. and O. Winkler - Waterloo

We recently had the pleasure of working with Lynda to assist us with staging our home to put it up for sale. She spent several hours with us, going from room to room making recommendations. Her primary suggestion consisted of updating the kitchen which involved painting the oak cabinets. Although initially reluctant, we took Lynda’s advice. The entire project was made so much easier because she was also able to recommend various trades people whose work was impeccable. Making the decision to sell our home was a difficult one but we know that Lynda’s knowledge, experience, and advice was invaluable. Our home sold in 4 days above the asking price. We would recommend Lynda in a heartbeat – she was fantastic!

Karen & Paul Braybrook – Waterloo


A month ago, my husband and I made the decision to put our home on the market. The home being a newly built had very little furniture and the space lacked a sense of warmth and comfort. Given our extraordinary busy schedule, our realtor Thanh Le strongly recommended the services of Lynda Schmidt.

Initially, we thought the process was going to be fairly simple and we would only need to “stage” our living/dining room. However, upon meeting Lynda, we went through a very thorough process of analyzing the space and taking down several notes. Lynda completed a full examination of our home and spent a good amount of time making suggestions as well as recognizing some of the positive features of the home.

When Lynda finished staging the home, we were overwhelmed by how beautiful the space became. The staging truly complimented the potential of the space in the home without being too visually overwhelming. Lynda’s talents shined in her ability to carefully move existing furniture around while combining other elements to bring out the best in a room.

Even those that were doubtful that Lynda could change the space had nothing but compliments for her. We were very surprised at the results and there were moments when we did not even recognized that Lynda had used some of our own furniture. It was truly a lovely interpretation of how warming and inviting a space can be.

The entire experience allowed us to rest easier, knowing that we had done everything which was needed to hand over the space to Lynda. We relied on Lynda to exemplify the potential beauty of the home with her talent. She absolutely accomplished this without fail.

We are very pleased!

T&G Phuong - Kitchener

I've had the pleasure of working with Lynda on a couple of projects so far and she's been very professional and helpful. Her skill and knowledge is an asset in preparing a home to sell faster and for more value. The latest project done by her was very well received and complimented by all that saw it. The home sold within 2 weeks for 98.7% of asking price.

Thanh Le - Remax Twin City Realty http://www.thanhtalizingrealestate.com

We recently have tried to sell our condo and house. The house was listed for 5 months and the condo was listed previously - twice. The first listing of the condo was about 6 months and the second was an exclusive listing for two months. The exclusive listing only had one showing. We received no offers on the house, only negative comments about things we could not change. The comments we received were for example “the size of lot, counter tops, size and layout of kitchen”. We received similar comments on the condo, “no main floor washroom other than ensuite, size of kitchen and dated fixtures”.

We had in fact had another home stager assist us in preparing the house for sale.

We listed the properties once again – with a different Realtor.

First we listed the condo. The condo was listed for 60 days, one offer was received which was low ball and a waste of time. Then we listed the house. Lynda got involved when we listed the house, just before we listed. Lynda gave us suggestions on staging and assisted us with preparing the property for listing which was accomplished within 7 days. We did not renovate, nor make any major improvements. In fact we used much of our own furniture to stage the house. The listing went live and we had multiple (3) offers within 24 hours. All the offers were above the asking price.

We were ecstatic with the results achieved, and we are certain the staging was the reason we were so successful. As previously indicated we had staged the house prior, but when Lynda staged the house we received the remarkable results.

Shortly thereafter we staged the condo ( it was a vacant property), and re-listed the property. We were trying to re-create multiple offers again. The condo did not sell as fast but we did sell it in 8 days and we received full asking price!

We were very pleased with the results on both properties and would not hesitate to give Lynda full credit for the sales.


Heather Caron
Barrie Conrod

Your assistance in selling my house was appreciated very much.

The changes in the main bathroom that were made by painting the cabinets, removing the dated wallpaper and painting the walls a fresh neutral colour really updated the room.

The arrangement of the furniture and accessories you recommended and implemented, helped a great deal in selling my house very fast – it sold in just in two days!

You were very professional doing your job and that was very much appreciated.

Thanks Lynda

George Bonev — Waterloo

Upon an unexpected job offer for my husband in the States, we needed to sell our house quickly so we could relocate. Lynda was recommended to us as a way to help our home look it's best and thus expedite the sale. She fit us into her schedule right away and came over for a thorough walkthrough.

Every room was scrutinized and a detailed and comprehensive list of changes was provided to us. I have to admit that when she left that day I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, but my husband and I started to work through the list. As things started to come together we kept asking ourselves, "Why didn't we make these changes sooner?". Well, it took us about a week and a half to get through the list, but we did it. Lynda didn't have unrealistic expectations of us buying expensive pieces of furniture or redoing floors.

Her changes were inexpensive, and practical. Some paint in a few places, steam cleaning the carpets, decluttering, rearranging and "dressing up".

Well, that week and a half of getting the house ready was well worth it, because within 24 hours of listing the house we had two offers and ended up selling above the asking price. It was so nice not to have to spend months keeping our house "showcase" clean for showings and open houses - an almost impossible feat with two small children and two dogs. Our house has never looked better and we really hate to leave it now. Throughout the process Lynda was professional, tactful in her suggestions, and caring. She called us several times throughout the week and a half to see how things were coming along and she came back at the end to make sure everything was "just so". She is not only wonderful at what she does, but she genuinely cares about her clients too.

Thanks Lynda!

Tara & Ricardo Bazzarella, Cambridge

Recently we hired L.B. Schmidt to consult with us and to prepare our home for the selling market. I have been quite ill and we needed someone who could just step in and do whatever was necessary.

Not only did Lynda explain the process but she also made sensible recommendations that we implemented, ( new counter top in the kitchen, large furniture pieces moved, packing up and depersonalizing ) - she did all the personal shopping on my behalf and then came in and staged our house.

It was a painless process and within a short time our house was transformed into a model home like property. It looked beautiful with the things which were purchased and the items we rented from Lynda’s inventory.

It was a pleasure working with Lynda. She was accommodating, detailed, dependable and thorough in everything she did. We believe that it was because of the Lynda’s staging that our house sold so quickly.

Our home sold in 1 day and for over the list price! We would like to recommend L.B. Schmidt –Creative Services to anyone who is selling their home!

Dan and Sheila Langer - Kitchener

Before Lynda came in, our house reflected the fact that we lived with small children. She has given us helpful and thoughtful advice about maximizing space and lots of useful decoration tricks to please the eyes of potential buyers.

I will always remember her saying: "It's not about selling the furniture, it's about selling the room". She can do great things working with what's already in the house. She won't miss a thing, every corner of the house was scrutinized, she is a perfectionist!

Note that our house sold in two days with multiple offers and well above asking price.

I would recommend her with no hesitation. Thanks Lynda!

Stéphanie - Glasgow Street - Kitchener

I wanted to write to thank you for your time and advice in staging our home to sell. Although we felt our sense of style and taste were already established in home decor, you really helped us in showing us how to best present the space of our home. Where we had all the right pieces of art and furniture, you helped us to place them perfectly. Thanks for all your advice to make our house look like a model!

Sincerely, Adrienne & Andy

Within 48 hours of contacting Lynda she assembled a team of painters, landscapers, carpet cleaners and handymen to prepare my client’s home for sale. She complemented these services with her keen sense of décor and made my client’s home look like a page from a magazine. Lynda is organized, efficient, professional and a pleasure to work with. Thank you Lynda for your hard work and commitment to your clients!

Rachel Paquette, Re/Max Twin callrach@rogers.com

When I decided to sell my house my real estate agent asked if I would mind if he hired a "stager" to make the house more appealing to buyers. I had no idea what that would mean other than making the house less personal.

When I met Lynda Schmidt, I realized it meant much more. Her efforts made the house show itself as it truly was. Her efforts reflected good judgement, sensitivity, and thoughtful aesthetics. The result was a house whose assets were more obviously evident to potential buyers.

The house sold quickly with multiple offers. I attribute the appeal of the house to Lynda's wise advice. I have no hesitation in recommending her excellent service.

John English - Kitchener

Following our decision to purchase and build a new home using equity from the sale of our condo, we were under a very strict deadline to list and sell our condo. Lynda Schmidt of LB Schmidt Creative services was referred to us by our real estate agent. Right away, Lynda was very accommodating to our tight schedule. After coming in mid-week and providing us with an initial consultation, we spent the next weekend hard at work adhering to her various suggestions. We were initially in doubt and anxious about accomplishing many of the suggestions under our deadline for listing our property (only one weekend), yet Lynda’s confidence in our abilities never wavered. She provided very helpful tips that were quite doable in a short time frame about how to best utilize our space. Lynda was very adept at seeing how our existing wall art and furniture could be used in the staging process – and where certain areas or walls required that sometime extra to add to the condo’s appeal, Lynda was able to rent us a few items from her own inventory for a very reasonable fee. Prior to her consultation, we felt quite nervous about the whole selling process but once the condo was beautifully staged and we saw the pictures that would accompany our real estate listing, our confidence increased in a big way. Once our condo was listed, it showed immediately and we received an offer. We sold the place in less than 4 days for 99% of our asking price!!! Thank you so much Lynda for your wonderful advice and consistent support throughout the staging process – it was very much appreciated!

Heather and Tom Gronek

We put our condo up for sale and our agent highly recommended Lynda. She arrived one evening on short notice and did a phenomenal job. She asked us what we thought and our goals and expectations. She also explained the process and design techniques she uses. Lynda was confident, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Her vision of our condo was so great it sold in 2 days!!! We would highly recommend Lynda to anyone looking to stage & sell their home.

Missy Monet & Brad Miller

When we decided to sell our home, we were told it would show beautifully. We had Lynda come in anyways and what a difference she made. The recommendations she gave made our house look and feel even more special. It was the little details that I would never have thought of. With those changes, we had many offers and had our house sold in less than a month!

Thanks Lynda for all your help!

Heather Voisin

Selling our home was made all that much easier when we were introduced to Lynda Schmidt. Lynda offered so many suggestions for our home, especially with colour schemes. Being that I love to paint, this was not a daunting task. Our house sold within one day! We had so many people through our house in the span of three days and we were presented with multiple offers, which was foreign to us.

We purchased a new home which was also foreign to us. The thought of so much choice is something I do not deal well with. We needed to make some quick decisions with respect to colour schemes. I knew immediately who I would contact as we developed a trust and a liking for Lynda's style. Lynda was out of the country when I needed her immediate assistance. She was so kind, kind enough to call me and e-mail us and provide the calming effect which was very necessary during this tight deadline. Upon her return she immediately came to the new home. Not only did she provide a colour scheme that works throughout the house, she kept in mind colours that we favoured and combined them with her sensibility and flare. The outcome is most pleasing and we have had numerous people comment on the choice of colours. I would not hesitate to contact Lynda for our next project. She makes painting and house transforming a fun experience!

Michelle Speck

We worked with Lynda to compliment our remodelling projects. Lynda has now staged 2 homes which were top to bottom renovations. Her personal touch, eye for design and staging transforms an empty house into a model home -which allows clients to see the potential in the properties we renovate. She is diligent, methodical and has that attention to small details which in our case resulted in homes selling within the first few weeks on market. We would be happy to utilize her services again.

Marshall and Rob P

Laird St Developments

A great first impression is extremely important to Home Buyer's when they're looking at homes. I believe home staging is an extremely important part of the home pre-sale equation and extremely effective in ensuring the Home Buyer has a positive emotional reaction to a home, which makes the decision to place an offer on a home much easier!

Because it's so important I offer to cover the home staging consultation as part of my client service package. I like to ensure that the business professionals I work with will have the same dedication and attention to detail that I do. I can say that Lynda's professionalism and capability as a home stager are both excellent! She has a fantastic rapport with me, my clients and I know I can trust Lynda to work with my whole team of experts to produce excellent results every time!

Thanks Lynda!

Brent Dickson, Sales Representative, RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc., Brokerage Kitchener

I recently had the pleasure of using the services of Lynda Schmidt from L.B. Schmidt — Creative Services! I decided very quickly to list my house. Lynda was able to accommodate a short notice appointment as we needed to move quickly. In her calm, professional manner, we set about 'staging' the house. Lynda observed and listened, and throughout the appointment, she reassured me that we could get this done quickly! She has a keen eye, and attention was paid to the smallest detail. Her suggestions were all very useful and well delivered. I was never made to feel that my 'decorating" etc was wrong, but in order to sell the house, it had to appeal to other people. I am very grateful to Lynda for her time, suggestions and her hard work in staging my property. As a result, the house was listed the next day, we had 4 showings and an offer by evening!

I look forward to having Lynda come to my new house!

Thank you! Ann House - Waterloo

Ours is a purely functional house. There is no great aesthetic at work here. It is clearly the home of two working parents and a growing child... Read More

David and Christine Yoon - Ayr

Just to let you know how much we appreciate your valuable advises in staging our house. The suggestions you gave us are practical and doable for a short time frame that we had to list our house. After following through your suggestions, step by step, room to room, we were able to transform our house from ugly to just fabulous. The comments we heard from people going through our house attested to that. We received an offer within 3 days of the listing and at 99% of the asking price. We couldn't ask for a better service and a positive outcome.

Thanks so much Lynda.

Trang & Wolf Reinhardt

Lynda's home staging services were very helpful in selling our home. She worked closely with us and patiently examined each space inside and outside our home. Even though we had thought of our own ideas as to what needed updating and replacing, her expertise helped us focus on exactly what was required. It was nice to have a professional opinion to help us decide on which improvements were essential. It was great that we ended up saving quite a bit of time and money by following her suggestions, but what made Lynda's services so indispensable was the fact that our house sold after 1 day on the market. Thank you!

Kevon & Christina Arjune - Waterloo

Lynda, thanks so much for your help with getting our house ready for sale. We really appreciated your attention to detail and recommendations. We followed your consultation report closely and our house sold in 2 days!

Renee K.

We sold our house so fast, to the first people who came through! In a couple hours Lynda was able to create a plan for our house makeover, and we were able to carry it through in only a few days. The final result was amazing - we almost don't want to move anymore! Many things will remain as she suggested until we leave as we like the little changes so much. She also shared some household tips we will certainly be using in our new place. Thanks!

Nadine and Jeff Heimpel, Waterloo

Our house sold in less than two weeks. We had decided to closely follow Lynda's home staging advice, and it showed convincing results. For two hours, Lynda went from room to room, suggesting into detail and taking notes how we could best prepare our home for showing. Then she left her notes with us. That made it easy to remember what needed to be de-cluttered, changed or upgraded for better presentation. We were downsizing and did not want to purchase additional decorative art. For a low fee, Lynda gave us from her own stock the pieces we needed to give our home more appeal. — Many thanks for a great job, Lynda! Your expert advice certainly made a big difference in the sale of our home.

Kurt & Hanna Fischer, Waterloo

Having Lynda come through our home was an illuminating experience. I found that she encouraged me where I had taken positive steps, and was able to give me valuable tips to improve certain disadvantageous areas. I found her professional but amiable, and especially appreciated the clear advice recorded in her notebook for me to reference later. She definitely helped us to show our house to its best advantage. Thanks Lynda!

Yvonne Haley

We contacted L.B. Schmidt Creative Services and Home Staging after our house had been on the market for 7 months. We moved into our dream home before listing the property, so our house was completely empty and we were carrying the cost of two mortgages.

When we had moved out our furniture, the house seemed much smaller than it had when we lived there. We asked our Realtor whether we should stage the property and he said that staging was a waste of money. Our Realtor had two open houses every weekend and many people had seen the property. Throughout the 7 months we had two offers on the property, both with conditions that eventually caused the deals to fall apart. When the second offer fell through we decided to cancel our listing with the Realtor.

Upon a recommendation, we contacted L.B. Schmidt Creative Services and arranged a time to walk through the property together for a consultation. Lynda provided detailed room-by-room suggestions throughout the property, both concerning aesthetic and general maintenance issues. After being on the market for so long we were willing to trust Lynda's professional opinion and recommendations and invest the effort and money to get it done.

Lynda provided excellent contacts for service-people to help with the painting and maintenance. In total, it took us about a week to bring the property to showing condition. At that point Lynda visited our new home to choose some pieces of furniture to bring back to the vacant house for staging and as well she supplied us with some additional pieces and accessories. When Lynda was finished the house was beautiful!

We began our new listing and open houses and did not have any negative feedback on the home what so ever! After only one week we had 4 parties bidding on the property and it was sold firm after only 10 days of being listed. We ended up selling over the asking price, no conditions, and a closing date only two weeks later.

We are now huge advocates of home staging, and believe that we would not have had the response we did if the house did not look so beautiful from Lynda's staging.

The best advice I can pass along is to stage your home before bringing it to market as it makes an enormous difference and it will save you money in the end!

Dr. Suzanne Kearns — Kitchener

I found Lynda to be a very professional and highly creative person. Yet, at the same time she was caring and sensitive to our needs and feelings as she advised us on the staging process of our home ( which we lived in for over 18 years —there was a lot of clutter to be taken care of) as we made it ready for sale.

She was such a great help emotionally and physically in the moving process and I would highly recommend her to anyone as they prepare their home for selling.

I was extremely pleased with her decorating and skillful arrangement of making the house appear as a "model home appearance".

Well done Lynda!

Nuke and Vie Shim — Waterloo

I have had the pleasure of working with Lynda Schmidt on three of my homes over the past year. I presented Lynda with the challenge of staging three of my sold homes for the purpose of filming virtual tours. Timelines and budgets were very tight and the complexities involved of re-arranging and staging three houses in a row was immense. Lynda pulled it off with grace, calmness and in a professional work ethic that I wished all of my trade persons and suppliers had. I would highly recommend Lynda for any of your staging and or decorating needs.

Feel free to call me for more information and visit Lynda's work on my web page: www.hawksviewhomes.com.


David Reid

President — Hawksview Homes

Our family had decided it was time to move to a bigger home. We wanted to be sure our home sold quickly and for the best possible price. Our agent provided us with the service of Lynda Schmidt. I had no previous experience in selling a home but Lynda's knowledge and expertise proved invaluable. After the initial walk-through of our home, Lynda identified 5 key areas for which my husband and I needed to focus. At first the tasks seemed overwhelming but we tackled each one step by step.

Lynda and I worked with a painter who removed wallpaper in 4 rooms and did a wonderful job painting each area with the colours that Lynda had chosen (we will be using some of these same colours in our new home!). We removed a lot of 'excess' wall photos and edited eah room. Boxes, toys, furniture, etc went to storage but this process made each room look larger and more attractive. In total we spent less than $2500 during this home staging process.

It was not just the big things like painting that Lynda helped with but also with the small things — a bowl of fruit on the counter, drapes opened a particular way, the placement of a chair. These small improvements definitely made our home look like a model home!

We listed our home at a price above what we had originally anticipated. Within 4 days, we had signed an offer at a price only $900 below list. It was amazing! There is no way that this would have happened without Lynda's help and advice!

Thanks Lynda.

Sharon W. - Kitchener

Thank you for your help in staging our home. It was a pleasure to work with you. At first I grumbled at the extra work, but when our home sold in five hours from when the sign went up, I was very happy I'd done everything you recommended. We got almost full asking price, and best of all, we didn't have to go through weeks of home showings! Thank you so much,

Jeanette Duncan - Waterloo

We highly recommend Lynda Schmidt's talents as a home stager. She was very professional, enthusiastic and easy to work with.

Our century home became absolutely stunning with Lynda's creative suggestions. We almost thought of staying but we did list our house and received two offers within ten days.

Great job Lynda!

Thanks again,

Sirkka & Bob Cooper - Ayr

As everyone knows, moving/selling your home is one of the most stressful events in life. When our real estate agent recommended Lynda to provide advice on getting our home ready to be sold, I had no idea that she would become instrumental in decompressing the pressure that I felt.

Lynda made suggestions for moving furniture and pictures that dramatically changed the look of our home. It didn't look like our home anymore and although that made me a little sad, Lynda said that it was her job to transform "my home" into a "house" that potential buyers could see themselves and "their" things in. Once I got that concept, Lynda became an invaluable resource to me.

She treated me as a friend and I sensed that what she did for our house, she would have done for herself or for her very best friend. You can trust Lynda to put 100% effort into her work; the best part is that she used mostly what we already had, but her eye for placement of items is just remarkable.

Thanks Lynda!

Lucia - Winterbourne

Lynda's expertise was invaluable to the sale of my home. She took the time to discuss my move, get a sense of what I was willing and able to do, and consider my goals. She was very easy to work with, going at a pace that was very comfortable for me. My house looked fabulous by the time she finished! As well, Lynda's ideas helped me to get rid of the clutter, making my packing an easier task too. I would definitely reccommend her services.


When the time came to sell my parents' estate, my main focus was on their condo. They had lived in Waterloo for many years and although they had a nice unit in a very well-kept building, the fact was that in the cold light of dawn, the walls needed painting, the kitchen was totally 1970s, the bathrooms needed a complete overhaul, and the carpeting was beyond salvation… It didn't take long to realize that there was a huge job ahead before there could be any thought of going to market.

There was another problem too. This renovation was going to be a large commitment of time and effort even if I lived in the Waterloo area, but I make my home in the extreme east end of Toronto. I knew I needed someone on the spot to help out. I needed a general contractor, but not just a general contractor. I needed someone who could look after my interests as estate administrator, and someone who could get the unit ready for sale. I needed someone who knew local trade's people and who had experience in cost control. Yet the person had to have a real flair for marketing and had to be in touch with the current Waterloo County real estate market. A tall order and a mistake would be costly!

I did some research and one name came up several times. I contacted Lynda Schmidt of L.B. Schmidt - Creative Services. We met at the condo for an initial meeting. I had a lot of questions but what I was really looking for was a vision of how the project would turn out. I needed to get the assurance that my objectives would take priority, while benefiting from someone who had many successful projects under her belt. I needed someone I could trust.

After only four weeks when the work was done, my wife and I visited the condo again. Amazing! My wife really liked the kitchen but she was really blown away with the bathroom renovations and treatments. What we were seeing was nothing short of a model suite in an upscale building! Anyone looking for a new place could easily see themselves as very happy new owners.

Much of the original furniture was still there but beautifully rearranged. There was fresh art and some furniture pieces from Lynda's rental collection. She had selected new carpets, paint, counter tops, light fixtures and window treatments through out. There were flowers and even a couple of bowls of toffee — anything to help the sales process!

Naturally we were delighted. More importance though, our real estate agent was also impressed. Realtors seem to do a better job if they personally like the property. I didn't take long before we were presented with a solid, totally clean offer. But even after I accepted the offer, Lynda took care of some post-sale details: disposing of some of the old furniture, supervising the movers, and looking after some last minute cleaning.

Lynda delivered everything I needed — experience, competence, reliability, and marketing skill while keeping a tight eye on my budget. This was a very successful project. I am happy to recommend Lynda Schmidt of L.B. Schmidt - Creative Services.

Gerry B., Toronto

Just wanted to say thank you for all your help with staging our home — it sold in no time! I am confident that your attention to details and expertise was a huge factor in our success — not only in selling so quickly but also obtaining most of our asking price. I appreciated your professional approach and very detailed presentation — which quickly became my "to do list" bible. A lot of the positive comments from our buyer were directly related to your wonderful suggestions. Thank you — you are awesome and I would highly recommend your services to anyone considering selling their home.

Kim Barrington, Cambridge

As part of my service when listing a home, I am pleased to offer a "home staging service" to all my clients. Over the past few years, I have frequently called upon the expertise of Lynda Schmidt of L.B. Schmidt Creative Services A.S.P. & C.C.S.P.

My clients have been very impressed with Lynda's ideas, her energy and dedication to giving the best advice possible in order to expedite the sale of their homes. I appreciate that whenever I call Lynda; she always makes the time to contact my clients within a day and books an appointment with them at their convenience. After her consultation, she always lets me know what she has suggested. With her well trained eye, even the smallest idea can make an amazing difference to how a house shows!! Lynda has also been known to 'roll up her sleeves' and help move furniture, supply articles to enhance a room and always go the extra mile! I am grateful for her knowledge and talent and will continue to offer her services to my clients.

Marc Engel, Sales Rep - Remax Twin City Realty Inc. Brokerage

I think your newsletter is wonderful! Beautifully laid out, informative and very useful to see before and afters. That's what opens up clients eyes on the potential. I will print this out when one of my kids can connect me to a colour printer. I really enjoyed meeting with you. You have such a warm, calm and reassuring manner and I really enjoyed working with you.

Kris Velanoff

On behalf of Diane and myself we would like to extend our thanks and appreciation for the manner in which you lived up to your responsibilities in staging our home.

Your efforts on our behalf have impressed not only the agents, but our potential buyers have been overly expressive in their kind remarks and comments about the look of our home.

Countless phone calls and a "desperation" call by Diane did not go unanswered and for that Lynda we are truly grateful. Changes were difficult especially when family members added their input. Your detailed instructions plus the recommended contractors kept us on track but more importantly your response to our needs over and above your initial visit made the difference.

Again Lynda many thanks you're International Association of Home Staging Professionals are no doubt proud to have you as a Member.

Diane & Murray Steben - Kitchener, Ontario

I used the expertise of LB Schmidt-Creative Services during the preparation to list our house. Our first meeting was very comprehensive. As we walked through each room, Lynda made a list of items that needed attention. She then compiled the list along with creative suggestions to enhance each issue; all while being mindful of cost and budget.

Shortly after our first visit she emailed a detailed list of trades people/professionals and their contact information. These people were true professionals and had worked with Lynda before. They were able to get in and make the changes quickly to enable us to list our house as quickly as possible.

Some of the changes we made included some painting, refinishing our stairs, changing the kitchen sink and faucets, organizing /clutter control, furniture reorganizing, and general staging. Trust me, by the time you have completed all of her suggestions, you will enjoy your house so much you may reconsider selling.

Her ability to quickly build client rapore allows everyone to feel at ease at a time often filled with change and uncertainty. Her professionalism was evident in her timely follow ups and response to the client's needs. Our experience with Lynda was very positive and I would definitely recommend her services to anyone considering placing their home on the market.

Heather Gingerich

I didn't really have much of an appreciation for "staging a home" until I met Lynda. In very short order, she had helped me compile a prioritized task list for every room in the house. I was able to develop a work plan under tight time constraints to prepare my house for selling. I was even more impressed when she helped me put the finishing touches on each room with her own pieces of art and decor. I consistently received comments from Realtors about how well my place showed and it was thanks to Lynda for her counsel and her flair for decorating. I would not hesitate to contract Lynda again on my next house sale.

Greg Kaye - Waterloo, Ontario

I am so fortunate to have Lynda as a professional stager. She is punctual, polite, knowledgeable and loves what she does; not afraid to get dirty! We had fun and accomplished so much together. I feel hopeful and confident that our house will sell now.

Lynda, THANK YOU dearly for creating the WOW!!!

Carmen Poulin - Conestogo, Ontario

Having worked with Lynda on a number of "Home Staging" projects during the past two years I can attest to the fact that Lynda is highly competent and creative in her approach to decorating and design recommendations regarding Real Estate presentation. In every case, she has carefully detailed recommendations to Home Owners with respect to enhancing and improving the "show ability" of their properties, from interior rooms to exterior landscaping...

In summary, Lynda's professionalism and competency is exceptional, making her one of the best in this field in the K-W area. I would highly recommend Lynda...

Rick Lammert - RE/Max Solid Gold Realty — www.ricksellskw.com

Meeting and working with you has been a remarkable experience. Your energy, creativity, and professionalism are truly outstanding. You took on a mighty challenge and cut it down to size in so little time it could make your head spin, the results were outstanding. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your service to anyone. You are truly a master at what you do.

Velmon and Alexander Haag - Waterloo

We had just put an offer in on a new house and we had to sell our existing house fast as a condition of purchasing the new house. We came up with a fare market value to list our house with the help of our Realtor and then he told us he would send in a Home Stager to help us sell our house .You arrived punctually and greeted us with a warm smile and sense of undeniable grace... We followed your ideas and spent about 300.00 in total for the master plan. We could not believe what you were able to do to our house. The look was amazing...The Realtor staked a "For Sale" sign into the ground about 3:00pm and by 8:00pm the same day we sold our house! Our house sold in 5 hours for 99.38% of our asking price...we owe it all to you and don't think we could have done it without you. Lynda, in our opinion you are a genius, you know your stuff and we highly recommend you.

Dr. Karl & Nadine Salo - Kitchener

I really need to express my excitement and gratitude for receiving your services and what it meant to get my place sold in 5 days. Your expertise in Staging and your wonderful personality went along way in helping me sell my condo. Your enthusiasm with your work shows and that was evident when you helped me to move furniture, to show me your vision. It was very much appreciated. If I need to sell again you will be the first to know!

John Wright - Waterloo

Within 3 days of listing we had 7 showings and lots of comments." The home showed very well", "The home looks great". We received two offers in the first week and the property sold for 99.5% of the asking price.

Bob Depasquale - RE/Max Solid Gold Realty — www.homewithbob.com

Lynda's services have been a tremendous help to my clients when preparing their homes for sale. Lynda's knowledge, experience and staging recommendations have helped my clients' homes sell faster and for the highest possible price.

Dave Roach - RE/Max Twin City Realty — www.kitchenerwaterloorealestate.com

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for coming into our home to do a Home Staging consultation. What a difference it made!

We had our house listed with a real estate agent for almost 7 months. We decided that it was time to look for another agent... We then acquired a Home Stager to come in and look at our home and maybe give some suggestions/ideas.

And that's where you came in. We would like to thank you for taking the time to come to our home on a Sunday afternoon. You were very professional and took the time to go through each and every area of our home and explain to us what home staging was all about. We appreciate you bringing some of the photos of homes you have staged before, it gave us an idea of what we needed to do. We felt very confident that this would pay off. Suggesting moving the furniture to a different wall made a big difference, which we would never had thought of. We took into consideration all your recommendations and did as much as we possibly could and it definitely paid off...

Our house listed and within 8 days we had an offer! We were very excited. On the 11th day we had an official SOLD!

Rosalind & Craig Wheaton - Kitchener

I have used the services of Lynda Schmidt on my last eleven listings and can say, without reservation that her home staging was directly responsible for very speedy sales in all cases. She is thorough, understanding and has a knack to know what needs to be done to give the home that "WOW" factor. I will use her services every at every opportunity.

Richard Putnam - RE/Max Twin City Realty — www.wonputt.com

You certainly did an awesome job at our home with great results, I'm sure the house sold quickly because of the staging. I just can't say enough good about you, very easy and fun to work with, I feel like I made a new friend that day, your the best! I will be contacting you soon for your services to make choices in our new home.

Debbie Boyd - Conestogo